Peer Exchange Program

The Exchange introduces new Peer Exchange program for members only

The Communication Leadership Exchange is proud to announce an exclusive member program called the Exchange Peer-to-Peer Program,, featuring two new ways to for connecting with your professional peers. Sometimes you want a sounding board but the Exchange Listserv isn’t the right environment. You've got a wealth of knowledge that you want to share with others. That’s where the program comes in.

Peer Review: Take advantage of the expertise among your peers in the Exchange to get some confidential and objective input on your work. Members are encouraged to volunteer their expertise as well.
Based on the notion that we can all benefit from some objective input from professionals at our own level, Peer Review creates a two-way channel for members to find other members willing to take a look at a strategy, a message platform, a crisis response plan, or some other written or digital material they are developing. Exchange members will simply fill out a form to request a review of communication materials from other communication experts, or, offer to be a Peer Reviewer for other members. The idea is to easily connect with each other to get or receive timely, relevant and knowledgeable feedback from a professional peer.

Peer Connection: Find a peer to provide some timely perspective based on their experience in a certain role, industry or situation.
Even the most seasoned professional could use a little job advice or career guidance sometimes. The Exchange’s Peer Connection channel flows two ways. It creates a way for members to find other members who may be seeking some guidance on career moves, business ideas or personal development goals. It also matches members willing to lend an ear and some advice to other members in search of some professional perspective.  

To request a Peer Review or Peer Connection, fill out this form.

To volunteer to be a resource for one or both of these peer programs, fill out this form.

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact either Tracy McKee or Fred Droz.